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Why More People Are Skipping College and Heading Into Blue Collar Jobs

Job Crown 11 September, 2020

In the past few decades, schools have made a push to encourage students, all students, to continue their education with a college degree. Although few would ever see this as a bad thing, it has backfired in some ways over the years. As more and more blue-collar jobs go unfulfilled, today's young people are noticing that the wages for those types of jobs are on the rise.

In fact, there are many blue-collar industries, such as electrical work and plumbing, which can now bring in a handsome yearly salary without a four-year degree. Keep reading to find out why people are catching on to the idea of skipping college altogether to pursue a blue-collar life.

What Is Blue-Collar?

Blue-collar is basically any type of profession which does not require a four-year college degree. These are often manual jobs. Blue-collar work can include food service, electrical work, plumbing, construction, landscaping, transportation, and many more. In the past, blue-collar work has been looked down on, but today people are starting to develop a new appreciation for these types of jobs and the great income they can generate.

College Vs. Training

If you think that skipping college means skipping out on your education, you are mistaken, though. Those who are the most successful in blue-collar work are people took time to get the necessary skills to succeed in their blue-collar career. Career training is always necessary for success. Blue-collar workers may not need to obtain a four-year degree, but in most cases, you will need to attend a trade school or work in an apprenticeship program.

Success is not a cookie-cutter plan, one size fits all. What works for some people, may not work for everyone. If a four-year degree is not something you want to commit to, blue-collar options could be a better fit.