Career Advice

Three Ways to Get Promoted ASAP

Job Crown 10 January, 2019

Career advancement is something that you and almost every worker want at some point in his or her career. It doesn't have to take years if you know how to reach for it, however. The following are three things you can do to get promoted ASAP:

1. Express Your Interest

The first thing you have to do if you want to get a promotion is let your employer know that you want one. Many employees make the mistake of assuming that the employer knows their desires. You must make an effort to inform your supervisors and higher-ups that you would like to move up the corporate ladder. You'll know how they feel about it shortly after that.

2 . Be reliable and Helpful

You must be reliable and helpful if you want to be the apple of your employer's eye. You should be on time every day and work each shift like it's your first day. Continue to impress your superiors and show them why you're an asset to the company. Additionally, you can help out whenever they need you to and do things such as filling in for employees who call out.

3. Offer to Take Additional Responsibilities

Your willingness to take on additional responsibilities will give your employer a green light when it comes to moving you up. They will love that you want to lighten the burden for them. You can offer to learn some of the operational duties or help in another department. You have to rise above the other employees in your area so that your employer will see you as an asset to the company.

Those are some of the ways you can get your employer's attention when promotion time rolls around. Start working on it today so that you can be a shining star tomorrow.