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How to Make Sure You're Rehireable When You Leave a job

Job Crown 9 December, 2020

All employers have to complete termination paperwork when an employee leaves a job. They have to write down the reason for the employee's termination as well as whether that employee is rehireable or not. A "no rehire" status means that you can never again work for the employer again or any other company affiliated with that employer. You never know when you might need an employer again. Therefore, we advise you to make sure that you're rehireable when you depart. These are three tips that will help you achieve that.

Put in Two Weeks Notice

Most employers expect their employees to resign appropriately if they want to leave the company. That means they would like those employees to turn in a letter of resignation that has a work end date at least two weeks from then. That's the professional way to depart from an employer.

Work Your Full Two Weeks

You should complete every shift your employer schedules you for during your last two weeks of employment. Try your best not to accrue any latenesses or absences during this time. That way, you can leave your job on a positive note.

Be Your Best Self During Those Two Weeks

The beginning of your time at a new job is a probationary period. The ending of your time at an old job is a legacy. You'll want your employer to reflect positively when it thinks about how you spent your time there. Therefore, you'll want to make sure that you are your absolute best self during the entire time. Work hard. Be friendly and helpful to all the customers. Be kind to your coworkers, as well. Leave with a work ethic that reminds them of how wonderful you are.

Your employer will most likely invite you back with open arms in the future if you follow these tips. Good luck in your future endeavors.