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How To Explain Gaps In Your Employment

Job Crown 13 April, 2021

When you are out of work there are obvious challenges that must be met on a day-to-day basis, such as budgeting and figuring out how to pay the bills without your existing income. Yet on another level, you must also take into consideration how the time you are out of work will look on a future resume.

Gaps in employment can become a hindrance during your job search later on. Figuring out ways to explain gaps in your employment or finding ways to make gaps usable on a future resume can help you land your next job.

Use Time Wisely

One of the best things you can do for your future job search is to use the time in which you are unemployed to do things that will ultimately make you more marketable. This means using your time to get training, improve your skills, learn new skills, get marketable certifications that will help with your job search. Being unemployed doesn't mean you have nothing to do. Your current job should consist of looking for a job and making yourself more marketable through education and certification.

Evaluate How You Spent Unemployed Time

It can also be very helpful to do a thorough evaluation of the time you were unemployed. For instance, if you have a chunk of time on your resume which was spent purposefully not working that can still be worked to your advantage. If you spent time raising a family, traveling, or working on your education, all of these can help show future employees that you are a well-rounded person will deep experiences which can add to the team.

Gaps in your resume do not mean the death of your job search. Be creative and honest in how you describe these gaps and help employers understand that this was an important time that made you the great employee you are today.