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Can I Make Money With Just an Associate's Degree?

Job Crown 11 November, 2020

When planning out your career path, there is obviously going to be the question of, "How much money, can I make?" If you are not planning on a four-year degree route, you might be concerned about whether or not you really can make money with just an associate's degree. Keep reading to learn more about your earning potential with this educational route.

What's the Difference Between Associate's Degree and Bachelor's Degree?

An associate's degree will usually only take 2 years to complete, while a bachelor's degree in any field will usually take 4 years to complete. Many types of professions require a bachelor's degree and a bachelor's degree is a pre-requisite for many types of graduate studies such as law school or medical school.

Can I Make Money With An Associate's Degree?

You can definitely make money with an associate's degree. These types of degrees are often associated with well-paying professions. Earning an associate's degree can have you gainfully employed quickly. Professions such as radiology, criminal justice, health care, and others have an abundance of job opportunities for those who hold an associate's degree.

The earning potential does increase for those who hold a bachelor's degree, but many people find that an associate's is a great place to start.

Who Should Pursue an Associate's Degree?

If you are anxious to get employed and start making money, then you should consider pursuing an associate's degree. If you have researched your desired career path and have discovered that you can start your career with just an associate's degree this could be a great option for you. Many people discover after earning their associate's degree, they want to continue their studies with a bachelor's program. Which is a great option as most associate's degrees will transfer your credit into a bachelor's program.

You can definitely make money with an associate's degree. This is a good educational option for those who are ready to start work as quickly as possible while also keeping future educational options open.