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Are You Suited For a Career in Sales?

Job Crown 10 May, 2021

Being a salesperson has one of the highest potentials for a large income. The most successful people in the world started out as salespeople; Barbara Corcoran sold real estate, Donald Trump sold luxury lifestyles, Bill Gates sold computers, etc. However, not everyone is suited for sales. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you comfortable working without a fixed salary?

Most sales jobs are commission-based. The reasoning is that if you’re good at your job, you’ll earn enough commission to live on. If you’re bad at sales, then you wouldn’t deserve a salary anyway.

How’s your wardrobe?

Salespeople need to be well-dressed. You’ll need to wear your own clothes because salespeople don’t wear uniforms. If your wardrobe is lacking, do you have enough money to invest in nicer clothes?

Do you have cash reserves?

Even great salespersons have a learning curve at new companies. It could be a long while before you see any cash hitting your bank account from sales you make. Do you have enough cash reserves for shelter, food and transportation to get you by for a few months?

Are you comfortable talking to strangers?

It takes nerve to walk up to strangers and try to sell them something they may not immediately want. Are you comfortable making cold calls and walking into office buildings and asking for appointments? You’ll need to be if you want to succeed in sales.

Do people like you?

People buy from people they like. If your personality is abrasive, you might find sales are hard to make. If people generally like you, you might find that a lot of doors are opened to you.

If you decide to pursue a job in sales, ask yourself these questions beforehand, so you can determine if you would be a good fit.