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3 Companies That Respect Their Female Employees

Job Crown 12 October, 2020

Being a woman in the workplace has its challenges. These challenges, however, have inspired many women to work harder and obtain a cutting edge in their respective fields as well as advocating for better working conditions and policies. Many companies are paying attention and as a result, they are creating better workplace standards and policies to help support women in their workplace. Keep reading to learn about 3 companies in particular that show respect and forward-thinking toward their female employees.


HubSpot has worked hard to be a leader not only in marketing but also in progressive policies that help support women in their workplace. One tremendous benefit of working at HubSpot is their 16 week paid paternity leave packages. This benefit helps parents adjust to life with their new babies and have time to mentally and physically prepare for re-entering the workplace after a birth. In addition to this, HubSpot also offers useful continuing education opportunities for women who want to prepare for executive and higher-ranking roles within their company.


IBM has a long history of supporting women in the workplace, in fact, they are one of the few tech moguls which can claim their first female hire as early as 1899. In an industry that is primarily dominated by men, IBM has shown their progressive spirit by naming Ginny Rometty CEO in 2012. They continue to encourage women to progress within their company with healthy executive training programs for women.


This coffee giant understands more than just your complex coffee order. Starbucks has led an aggressive campaign against pay inequality in the workplace which affects both women and minorities. Starbucks has effectively eliminated pay inequalities in the last ten years. They also offer more robust health and paid sick leave benefits to part-time employees.

If you are looking for employment with progressive, female-friendly policies, check out these companies today.