Career Advice

Can I Use My Own Laptop at Work?

Job Crown 17 July , 2020

Since everyone has their own devices, it’s natural that you may ask your boss if you can just use your own laptop at work. You may feel that your boss should let you, since it would save the company from having to supply you with a separate work computer. But it isn’t as simple as that.

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3 Tricks To Achieve Work/College Success

Job Crown 16 June , 2020

Working and going to college can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Millions of people have successfully worked their way through college and you can too. Keep reading to learn 3 tricks to help you achieve work/college success. 

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How to Choose a Desk Chair

Job Crown 13 May , 2020

When you consider that you sit in your desk chair for eight hours or more every day, it’s smart to choose your desk chair carefully. A poorly chosen desk chair can cause discomfort, along with more serious conditions like a compressed disc, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. Here is how to choose a desk chair.

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Online Side Hustles While Out of Work

Job Crown 21 April , 2020

Today, finding online earning opportunities is easier than ever. We will introduce you to three of the best online side hustles that can make you some real money quickly. 

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3 Tips For A More Effective Online Job Search

Job Crown 10 March , 2020

Technology has changed the world we live in and the way we live in it at a dizzying pace, and nowhere is that more evident than in the way we look for jobs. Not too many years ago poring through the job listings in a newspaper was the primary means of finding employment. These days it’s mostly done online. The change has been rapid and revolutionary.

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