Career Advice

How to Ask for an Extended Personal Leave of Absence

Job Crown 12 February , 2020

Sometimes life gets complicated. Even though you want to be a committed, reliable employee, there are times when personal issues might get in the way of those goals. When that happens, you might need to take some time off away from work in order to deal with personal problems at home.

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Too Busy to Search for a Job? Try Time Blocking

Job Crown 10 January , 2020

If you already have a job along with a family, a dog, or any semblance of an active life, you might find that you feel as if you are too busy to search for a job. You have too much on your plate at any given time. It feels like every time you sit down to begin your job search effort, one more thing crops up to distract you from your task.

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How Self-Care Can Improve Your Job Search

Job Crown 13 December , 2019

Can self-care really have an effect on your job search? Self-care can have a positive effect on every aspect of your life, including your job search. Despite how important self-care is, most people have the idea of self-care backwards. They think that they must give everyone else what they need first, and then they will give themselves what they need last. This is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. 

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Is It Time to Look Into A New Field?

Job Crown 12 November , 2019

In today's economy you might hear people say things like, "If you have a job you better hang on to it." Unemployment can be scary when it is thrust upon you unexpectedly, but what if you have a "good," job but find yourself less and less satisfied? 

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During a Job Hunt This Skill Is More Important

Job Crown 9 October , 2019

You are in between jobs. You may be thinking that the most important thing right now is looking for the next job. Wrong! The most important thing you should be doing right now is budgeting, and looking for a new job. Learning how to stretch your money during a job loss is crucial to get you through till your next great job surfaces. 

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