Career Advice

Are You Suited For a Career in Sales?

Job Crown 10 May , 2021

Being a salesperson has one of the highest potentials for a large income. The most successful people in the world started out as salespeople; Barbara Corcoran sold real estate, Donald Trump sold luxury lifestyles, Bill Gates sold computers, etc. However, not everyone is suited for sales. Ask yourself these questions:

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How To Explain Gaps In Your Employment

Job Crown 13 April , 2021

When you are out of work there are obvious challenges that must be met on a day-to-day basis, such as budgeting and figuring out how to pay the bills without your existing income. Yet on another level, you must also take into consideration how the time you are out of work will look on a future resume.

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The Benefits of Having Seasonal Jobs

Job Crown 8 March , 2021

Seasonal work might seem a little depressing to some individuals because it isn't permanent. However, there are some benefits that you could receive as a seasonal worker. These are some positive points to seasonal jobs:

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Are You Fit For an Office Job?

Job Crown 9 February , 2021

Working in an office can be an exciting, satisfying job. But not everyone likes the idea of being inside all day, working behind a desk or in a cubicle. Are you fit for an office job? Following are some questions to ask yourself.

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How to Make Your Budget Work While In Quarantine

Job Crown 15 January , 2021

2021 has found us still dealing with COVID-19 in many parts of the world. If threats of shutdowns and mandated quarantines are a reality where you live, you may be wondering how you can make your budget work while in shut down mode. Keep reading to learn a few tips for making money stretch during these difficult times.

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