Snowed In? What to Do When You Can’t Go to Work in Inclement Weather

It’s the middle of winter right now, which means blustrey temperatures, freezing winds, and the possibility of snow. If those flurries turn into heavy flakes, what do you do? The roads are snowy and icy and the ploughs haven’t even come down your street yet. You can’t get into work, but you don’t want to use up your vacation or sick days. Here’s how to handle it when you can’t go to work due to inclement weather.

Call your boss immediately. An email or text message also suffices if they don’t answer. Let them know you’re stuck at home. Send a picture or two of the weather if you think it’ll help. Chances are if you live relatively close to work, you’re not the only one who can’t make it in. The boss themselves may stay home on a snowy day, too.

Discuss what you’ll do about that day. Unfortunately, you may lose a sick day or vacation day because of the weather. You’ll just have to deal with that. However, depending on your job, your boss may offer you the opportunity to work from home. This is mutually beneficial.

It’s important to touch base with your boss often in these situations. If the plough comes down your street midmorning and you think you can get to the office, let your boss know. If you think you’re going to have issues getting into work the following day, be honest.

However, don’t just assume because it’s snowing outside that you have the day off. Some offices will close in bad weather, but not all of them. If you’re not sure whether your office is open and you don’t want to drive in the snow for nothing, call your boss and ask. You may also want to get in touch with a coworker.

Overall, snow may sometimes halt office productivity. That’s unavoidable. However, you may be able to work from home in some instances with a nice mug of hot chocolate.