5 Top Job Search Tips for 2014

Landing the Big One: It might be helpful to keep in mind that a successful job search is a bit like a fishing holiday. When you get ready to go, you select all the right kit and bait. Then you only go and cast a line where you think there is something good that will bite. Most of all, once you get a nibble, you have to work the line just right to set the hook and land the fish.

When you set out on the effort to find that right job, you also use bait, in the form of a thorough and professional CV. The successful searcher also seeks to place that CV in front of the right potential employers, all with the goal of being called in for an interview. It is that interview that will determine if the hook gets set and a job tender received.

Working the Nibble: To carry the metaphor to the final point, here are 5 key tips to help you increase the chances you land your perfect job with a great interview:

  1. Research the company. It’s easy to find out a great deal about any company. Make sure you know what the business does, what kind of a market it serves, and how the job you’re seeking fits into the company’s overall operations.
  2. The clothes make the man and the woman. Take the time to determine the type of clothes you’ll be expected to wear – from casual to full business attire. Make sure it is clean and pressed. Also, tend to your personal grooming.
  3. Practice answering questions. There are a lot of pretty standard interview questions. Look these up and tailor answers to your situation. Try to anticipate other, specific questions and rehearse them, also.
  4. Take your time. Once you’re in the interview, relax as much as possible. Show you are thoughtful by responding in a measured, calm manner, never rushing to answer too fast or off the cuff.
  5. Prepare some questions. Prepare three good questions, not about salary or one-sided things. Ask for example, about the company’s culture and the biggest challenges you might be expected to face.

A little extra effort for your interview can keep you from shaking your head about the one that got away.

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