5 Habits of the Most Successful People

Whether you’re looking for your first job, between jobs or searching for a different job, there are skills and habits that can benefit any situation. High achievers tend to have some specific qualities in common; here are five habits that the most successful people share:

1. Work Ethic

Quite simply, the most successful people put in the time and effort. One can do well through moderate effort, but one can become great with more substantial effort. Most people with an enviable level of success have put in thousands of hours of effort developing their skills. There is no shortcut to experience and true success.

2. They Avoid Conformity

Sticking with the crowd, even if the crowd seems trendy or "hot," usually leads only to mediocrity. The most successful people are aware of the trends, but unafraid to break away from the herd. They forge their own path, cultivate original ideas and create their own opportunities for success.

3. They Begin With the End in Mind

Average performance is usually due to setting average goals — or none at all. The highest performers aim high and take control of their destiny. They set big goals, decide where they want to be, visualize it regularly, and allow their daily actions to take them there.

4. They are Natural Salespeople

Sales reps aren’t the only ones that benefit from having sales abilities. The ability to persuade and negotiate is a foundation of personal as well as business success. Communication, flexibility and the ability to build and maintain relationships are also important components. Bear in mind that selling is not pressuring or manipulation; rather, it is explaining the true benefits of your position and persuading others to work with you. Selling is the ability to overcome obstacles and objections so that others are supportive of your way of thinking. Deeper than this, however, is having a true passion for what you are "selling."

5. They Own Their Mistakes — and Move Forward

Lastly, the most successful people aren’t afraid to admit their mistakes. They apologize when warranted, they learn from their mistakes, pick themselves up, dust off, and move forward. They know that there is no failure, only feedback. Successful people continually fine-tune, course-correct and get better and better over time.

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