How to Stand Out from the Crowd During Group Interviews

Group interviews bring out the jitters like nobody’s business. Learning a few great tactics, like these, can help you ace the interview and really stand apart from the crowd of interviewers vying for the same position.

Be Part of the Team

Most businesses that require group interviews rely on employees’ abilities to work well with others. Part of what they’re looking for is how well you operate in a team environment.

Praise Your Mates

Acknowledge the contributions and strengths of the people you’re working with. Get to know them by name and associate them with the things they do best. Not only does this show leadership on your part, but it’s also a great way to score points with the people on your team.

Keep it Positive

The last thing you want to do is throw someone under the bus. Many companies conducting group interviews plan to hire multiple people. The person you throw under the bus could become a co-worker tomorrow and a supervisor a year or two down the road – whether with this company or another one in your future.

Additionally, it’s bad form and usually doesn’t play well among those conducting the interview.

Participate in the Process

Most group interviews divide you into teams and give you a task or project to complete. This is not the time to be shy and hide in the corner.

It’s important to do the work that’s assigned to you, no doubt, but it’s equally important to be a force in the decision making process. Make sure your voice is heard, your plans are reasonable, and that you put your best effort into your role in the task.

Help Others Participate Too

Interviews are stressful to everyone involved. People who are naturally reserved often struggle in group interview environments. Part of being a good leader (and team player) is recognizing this and helping the other people on your team shine too. Not only will it earn the respect of those conducting the interview but also the people who may someday be your co-workers.

Little things make more of a difference than your realize when participating in group interviews. Keep these things in mind during your group interview in order to truly shine.

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