Body Language Essentials For Interviews

Body language can make a huge difference during the interview process. A stellar resume, glowing recommendations and impressive answers to complicated questions cannot save you if your body language indicates that you are nervous. Looking to make a better impression during interviews? Put your best face forward and adopt these essential body language habits:


Good posture is an essential component not only of your overall health, but also of your ability to secure employment. Interviewers regard prospective employees with poor posture as lazy and untrustworthy. Conversely, applicants who stand up straight and project an aura of confidence are thought of as competent and reliable employees. If your posture could use work, consider joining a yoga studio. In addition to gaining peace of mind, you will develop a more confident stance.

Conquering the Handshake

A weak handshake may be the one thing standing between you and your dream job. Many employers make their final decision within the first two minutes of an interview — and the handshake is often the deciding factor. Although the ideal handshake is firm, it should not hurt the recipient. Two or three pumps are acceptable, but anything beyond that will quickly make the other party feel uncomfortable. 

Eye Contact

Many people find eye contact scary, but a failure to look interviewers in the eye can be the kiss of death during the interview process. As with handshake firmness, this should not be taken to excess. If you don’t ever break eye contact, you may make the person conducting the interview feel awkward. 

Good posture and eye contact can easily make or break an interview. In some cases, confident body language can make up for less than perfect answers to the questions posed by the interviewer. Practice makes perfect, so be sure to set up a few mock interviews before you tackle the real deal.