4 Tips for Overcoming Nerves in an Interview

In this tough economy, every interview is a valuable opportunity; needless to say, you want it to go as well as possible. Here are four tips for staying relaxed and poised in job interviews:

Practice. Being prepared is one of the keys to alleviating nervousness. Take the time to practice interviewing before you even land that first interview. Learn all you can about the company, then have a friend ask you sample questions, or record yourself giving answers on video (or both). The key is to fine-tune how you are perceived so that you can be confident that the interviewer will have a positive response.

Physical preparations. Prepare physically for your interview by getting plenty of rest the night before, waking up on time and leaving in plenty of time to drive to the interview location in a relaxed manner. Choose your outfit the night before and minimize your caffeine intake.

Breathe. Shallow breathing can put your nervous system on high alert, exacerbating nerves. Simply remembering to breathe normally before and during the interview will have a calming effect on your system.

Meridian tapping. Meridian tapping is a simple modality that is excellent for settling down nerves and feeling less anxious. The full process can be learned online, but here is an abbreviated protocol: Before your interview, think about your nerves; then tap the side of your hand, under your eye, then four inches below your armpit, and then your collarbone. Repeat the process as needed until you feel calmer. (You can also imagine this tapping process during the interview and experience the same calming results.)

Whether you’re normally introverted or just don’t like the pressure of the interview setting, becoming anxious or nervous is a real concern for many interviewees. Use these tips to stay calm and engaged throughout the entire interview process.

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