Addressing Breaks In Employment During Job Interviews

Unemployment is an unfortunate situation, not only due to an immediate lack of income, but also because of the problems it can create during future job hunting endeavors. Despite the realities of the current economy, employers still do not look favorably upon long periods of unemployment. Many worry that time away from the work force will lead to a degradation of skills. Others feel that a resume gap is indicative of a poor employee. These assumptions are not fair, but they still exist. As such, it is up to the job hunter to convince skeptical employers that he or she is an excellent candidate.

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Make Sure You Say These Things in Your Job Interview

What if you had a magic word you could utter to make your interviewer’s face light up and offer you a big salary on the spot? There may not be any magic words, but there are some key phrases that can get you similar results.

“Ask me anything. I’m an open book.”

Saying this will help your interviewer see that you are being genuine and open with them; not trying to hide anything. You don’t have to worry about what they might ask after you say this. Continue Reading →

Stop Trying so Hard – A Natural Presence at Interviews Really Shines

Interviews are a critical element of the job search process. They also cause a great deal of stress to the people searching for gainful employment. Some people stress so much over interviews that they actually sabotage themselves by coming across as stiff, wooden, and robotic. Don’t let this happen to you. Follow the excellent advice below to ace your interview by not trying nearly as hard. Continue Reading →